Boiler Installations

Whether you need a 'new boiler in Newport' or 'change to a condensing boiler in Cwmbran' Baxter heating offers every customer a comprehensive range of boilers, including A rated, energy efficient condensing boilers to suit any central heating application.

One of the most important decisions you'll make with a new or existing central heating system is the type of boiler to use. A domestic boiler is the heart of any central heating system; it needs to be operating at its optimum performance for you and your family's warmth and comfort.

Baxter heating source and install boilers from several manufacturers in order to provide the very best boiler design for your chosen fuel type and central heating application.

Domestic boilers and the SEDBUK energy efficiency scale

Efficiency scale

The SEDBUK (Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK) is a method of calculating the seasonal efficiency of central heating boilers. The SEDBUK scale has been developed and agreed with current boiler manufacturers.

The purpose of the SEDBUK scale is to identify the differences in efficiency between different boilers in such a way that they are recognised and treated fairly in the Government's Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) for the energy rating of dwellings.

To simplify the assessment SEDBUK ratings vary from A to G, A-rated boilers are the most efficient and G-rated the least efficient. Only A rated boilers, having efficiencies of over 90%, carry the energy saving recommended logo.

So be sure to ask about the energy efficiency of the boilers you choose for your home. Remember the purchase price is paid once, heating costs are paid every year, fuel savings afforded by choosing energy efficient boilers will pay dividends year after year.


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